Wednesday, 23 April 2014

2014 Updated FREE Printable Shopping List

Way back in 2012 I shared the printable Shopping list that I created and use in our household (find the original here). Some two years later, week in and week out, I still love having them printed off and clipped to a clipboard hanging inside my pantry door and use them.

However I've been meaning to update them for a while as we no longer need 'nappies' and the like on our list as we are long passed those days! So I thought I'd share an updated 2014 version with a few extra items added for those of you that are interested. It's a FREE printable for you to use time and time again, just click on the link below: 
Would love to hear from you if you like using a similar printable. Do you find it helps you keep on track with menu planning and grocery budgeting?