Monday, 10 February 2014

School Mornings

Our eldest son has just started Year 1 and our youngest now goes to Kindy two days a week. To help the boys stay focused and get organised in time for the school bus pick up - we are on the early run this term leaving home at 7.40am - I searched online for some pictorial morning routine cards. I did contemplate making my own and making it available as a printable, but I just couldn't find any graphics that I liked and it all seemed quite tricky, so I bit the bullet and purchased this one as a printable from Etsy for only AU$5
Even better, the lovely lady Denise who created them, customised them to suit our needs. Here's the link to her Etsy store The CreativiDee Workshop.  Please note that the above is just a graphic of the cards I purchased and is NOT to be printed. Kindly find your way to Denise's etsy store and purchase your own. And on a side note, Denise has not compensated me in any way for these cards or for the blog shout-out, I'm simply sharing the love. She hails from Denver, Colorado and we had lots of lovely conversations about snow and sunshine from our little places on the globe - don't you marvel how much the internet has changed our worlds?

Anyways, back to the cards! For my boys I've printed and laminated several copies of the PDF I purchased. We prefer them in this order though

:: eat breakfast
:: get dressed
:: pick up clothes
:: make bed
:: brush teeth
:: brush hair

I cut one set into individual cards, punched a hole and placed a ring through the corner, making flipcards, allowing particularly our eldest son Baden, to work step by step through the routine, focusing on one task at a time.

In a few weeks time, I'll be finalising the boys bedroom makeover with the addition of some final pieces of furniture, and will show how we display some larger printed/laminated copies of our school morning routine cards in the room.

Not included here, but other jobs we do prior to embarking on school mornings, are things like setting out their school clothes in their room; and having their lunch boxes out on the bench ready to be packed for the day. All these things together make school mornings much easier for everyone in our house.

Trick to being organised? Definitely prior preparation!

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  1. Thanks for sharing Clare!
    My son (Year 1 also) takes his time in the morning and I find myself repeating the instruction over and over....arrrrgh so frustrating!! I was only thinking of making 'another' chart
    (we had one successfully last year) but may follow your lead :)