Thursday, 20 February 2014

Home Tour: Living Room

This is another one of those posts that has been what has felt like lifetime in the making! I've been planning this room, basically since moving here just on 3 years ago. 

I dispised our old couches. At the time we purchased them, I thought they were comfy and were within the budget and 'look' good, until they started to wear. Then some 5 years later... they looked revolting. The were chocolate brown leather-like couches (leather like meaning, the thinest possible, cruddy material ever, that was supposed to be leather like) and they made me hate our living room. So much so, that I would hate being in that space as it annoyed me so much. They looked completely awful with the colour of the walls, and the dark wooden furniture we owned, it was just altogether, yuk!
With the intention to always makeover the living room, and when the budget finally allowed, we purchased a new modular couch from Fantastic Furniture towards the end of 2013. 
After the long wait for them to be made, we finally were able to collect the modular before Christmas. Although, with one slight hiccup - they'd supplied us with one incorrect cushion. It took until last week, for them to supply us with the correct one, so now without further ado, I present to you our new and definitely improved Living Room. Words can't express, how much I love this room now. It now makes me feel relaxed and is an inviting place to be. 

The photos actually make the room still look fairly dark, but I did take the snaps during the morning and had to try avoid glare. The couches are super comfortable and are exactly what I was wanting. We are going to reconfigure the space during the winter months, to be encompassing of the fire, which I'm so looking forward to. 
Because I promised I would share where I got the decor from for this room, here's a list:
:: Cushions - majority of these are from Ezibuy online. The polkadot were the most recent from the Trelise Cooper range. The others were purchased during the year last year so no guarantee they're still available. The two stripe rectangle cushions were from Target - again, last year so no promise they're still available. 
:: Throw rugs - Taupe rug was from Target and the Star rug is from Baby Kingdom online
:: Polkadot coffee table placemats - Pillow talk 
:: White tray; picture ledge; side table; floor lamp - Ikea
:: Tulips - Adairs 


  1. Gosh Clare, its just stunning!! And so warm and inviting!! I love it

  2. Looks great Clare, well done on working with the space you have! I really love reading a make over post where I think "yes I could do something like that" ... rather than the over sponsored makeovers where they spend $500 on a lamp :) This looks absolutely stunning! Going to remember those curtains, such a great price for block out.

    1. I agree Adele. I'm all about sharing stuff that is achievable for everyone on all budgets!!
      Definitely, curtains are great - still love them :) xx