Tuesday, 11 February 2014

DIY Cushions

I'm sure I'm not the only grand-daughter or great grand-daughter out there that has a pile of doilies sitting in their linen press, that were lovingly created and or passed down to them, and are currently gathering dust. I don't know bout you, but I do love the idea of a pretty doily here and there but somehow can't grasp of how every surface needs to be adorned with a crochet/needlework creation, in order to place something on top of it in grandparents homes - no offense intended. Don't get me wrong, they can be very sweet and I do very much like the country/cottage chic style and our home is decorated in a way that would lend itself to the odd doily, but I've found another way of repurposing them - adding them as an embellishment to plain cushion covers:

All that is required is a doily, some iron-on hem tape (or double sided fusible interfacing) and an iron.

Once I had chosen the doilies I wanted to use, I worked out where I wanted to position them on the cushion, cut some hem tape to size, lay the doily carefully on top and then proceeded to gently iron over the doily. This fused the two fabrics together. If there were any particularly gaping edges of the doily, I simply cut some more hem tape to size, positioned in place and ironed again.

Such a simple concept, but effective. I love how they make me think of my Mum and Nan, and bring a bit of the olden-day charm [for lack of a better word] into our home.

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