Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Homework Caddy

So I'm a newbie parent at this full time school thing, and our son is only in Pre - Primary (5 year old, first full time year of education in WA) and he will obviously not be bringing home bundles of homework each night, rather just a reading folder. But I decided that it was good practice to start a homework routine, albeit for just reading, as the demands are certainly going to be ongoing and increasing in the years ahead. Being a teacher myself, I can certainly vouch for establishing good routine with children early and believe me it is very evident which children routinely sit down after school to do their home reading and other required tasks with parental guidance and support! I'm encouraging our son to unpack his bag each afternoon and place his folder into the Homework Caddy and then sometime between shower time and bedtime at this stage, we will attend to his tasks.

As our 'homework' requirements are minimal, I decided to make a portable homework caddy as opposed to a station using a desk or shelf. After a bit of investigating, I realised the tin bucket from Kmart that can be purchased for around $10 which is the same container I used for my Cleaning Caddy, was the perfect choice. The bucket has a sturdy handle and fits an A4 file folder perfectly and all I needed to do to get it ready was remove the 'clean' label on the side with acetone free nail polish remover. I also added a cute little Martha Stewart bookplate label holder.

Included in our caddy are:

  • School folder - containing reading diary and home reading book brought home each day
  • 2 file folders labelled Baden and MISC - holding dotted thirds lined paper and other blank paper and additional worksheets etc
  • Plastic storage folder : for things to do - currently contains a scrapbook sent home from school to have cover pasted on and needs to be covered with clear contact
  • Tin bucket to hold pencils; pens; ruler; sharpener etc
  • Crayola dry erase learning cards - alphabet and numeracy. These are additional activities we do at home to reinforce learning at school. 
As time goes on and he settles in with full time school demands, I will add additional home workbooks and activities to the caddy, again to support school learning. 
Hoping this is going to help keep homework organised and help establish good homework habits. Do you have a homework caddy or specific area in your home where you keep all these things together?


  1. Very clever and efficient idea.. well done. I'm a homeschooling Mum but could see how this would work also with my little Miss Prep who is learning to read and my little one who is only three but likes to have 'her' school work also. Thanks for sharing.
    Helen - Townsville

  2. Clare,
    Love this, was wondering if the cards on the rings came like this or is it something you did, good idea and was wondering how hard it might be to do.

  3. I have just turnt one end of my old tv cupboard it to a home work area.... all educational books and info for projects pencils pens ect learning charts and special bits for miss almost 5 so she feels included its working well and is still organised :) there is no more where the hell are the pencils where is the glue the homework station has its own sets keeps arvos stress free atm we have a letter a number and a colour of the week for miss almost 5 to learn aswell and a mummy box..... extra worksheets for activities eg... themed like easter mothersday ect i also have the deffinitions of noun verb adjective ect printed up as when you have so much going on at times its easy to have a look then to rack you brain and tell your child the wrong thing(3 kids whats for dinner did i pay the phone bill ect) I also have our DR suess books in there as well i love it that much i want to do home work to lol I am currently creating an alphabet set colour set and number set of cards that relate to us out of my over stocked scrapbooking supplies too thanks for sharing

    1. My other miss is 8