Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Total 'Super Organiser Mum' knock-off of a 'Sunscreen station'

I've been putting the finishing touches on this today on my 'Sunscreen Station' that is a complete 'knock off' of the original (picture underneath) from Jade the Super Organiser Mum.
I definitely needed to steal this idea to make it easy to find, for all the outside and pool playing to come this Summer!
My 'Sunscreen Station' 

Jade the Super Organiser Mum's  'Sunscreen Station' 
Here is the FREE printable used to make the label from Babalisme and can be found here:
Such a great idea to corral all the Sunscreen/Aloe gel/Insect repellent into one neat little container. I repurposed a BBQ tools holder that we weren't using - giving it a spray of paint and then used the exact same FREE printable that Jade did to create a little label for it, printing it onto card and laminating it. Jade's holder is a little more 'fancy' than mine, having separate sections AND a handle, but I was happy to give use to something that was not being utilised. 

AGAIN, such a great idea from Jade, that is too fabulous not to share......again!


  1. What a great idea and I just changed my utensil holder and have the perfect container after a bit of spray paint. Thanks to both you and Jade for the idea!

  2. Definitely ALL credit to Jade on this one Annaleis, I'm just the messenger and copycat ;)
    Have fun with the spray paint!!