Thursday, 20 October 2011

Routine to CLEAN!!

I certainly like to live in a clean home but like many people, procrastinate about the household cleaning tasks!

 I need to try and establish a better routine for cleaning so that I stay on top of it and avoid having a build up of jobs to do on days when 
I need to and would rather be doing other things. 

From searching online for tips and ideas about home cleaning routines, I have come up with the following guidelines I would like to adopt if possible:

1. Avoid weekend cleaning tasks wherever possible - to maximise family time AND we tend to do 'outside' jobs like gardening/pool maintenance etc then anyways

2. Try to do at least 1 load of washing each weekday in addition to towels and sheets    once a week on different days

3. Fold and put away clean washing ASAP after it being taken off the line

4. Attempt to get 'physical' cleaning tasks done BEFORE lunchtime each day - other than collecting clothes off the line and folding - to allow time for dinner preparation, other baking, playing with the children etc. ALSO my youngest still sleeps over lunchtime so I attempt not to 'bang around' too much in that end of the house during this time 

5. Iron once a week to keep on top of it,  whilst children are watching TV or not requiring 100% of my attention! 

This is one 'Chores' guide I found online with some food for thought.  I do think it is a very detailed list of pretty much everything that needs to be done, I don't necessarily think I would do all of them EVERY week but is a good guide nonetheless.

So from all of this I decided to create my own very simple 
Cleaning Planner schedule to use for our household.
I have printed it off and written on the tasks to be completed on the allocated days. 
I will trial this for a week or two and then revise it. 

I haven't included these tasks on my schedule because I basically do the following each day:

Unpack/load dishwasher
Wipe over kitchen benches/table and other surfaces in bathroom etc
Sweep living area floor
Make beds
Clean toilet
General tidy - put away toys, put clothes away etc

These tasks have been allocated to days on my schedule:

Vacuuming and moping
Kitchen - clean out fridge, microwave, stove top and oven, tidy cupboards and pantry
Dusting and cobwebs
Wipe of surfaces
Clean bathroom, toilet and laundry
Empty and wash out bins, collect papers
Washing - at least one load daily (on weekdays)
Wash Sheets
Wash towels

Wednesdays have been left free because I work 
and I have left weekends entirely free except ironing on a Sunday.

What I've chosen to do on what days is really immaterial as everyones requirements are different depending on your house, its occupants and your routines!

Understandably this 'schedule' will need to be flexible. 
I certainly won't be thinking " Were NOT going to playgroup or visiting friends because I have to get my cleaning schedule done!" 

Here is my schedule printed off, which at this stage will live in 
my Kitchen Organiser Station. 

I'm going to give a try starting Monday 
and hope it helps me be a little more organised house with cleaning! 

xx Clare

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  1. What a fantastic idea! It's so much easier to be motivated when you can actually tick off a task at the end of it. I love that you have assigned them to certain days - it doesn't seem as overwhelming then.
    Go you on creating a Printable!!!!

  2. That's great.

    I love this one:

    and am in the process of re-writing it for our home (as a simple Word doc so I can amend it if need be)

    My big questions is windowns, walls and skirting boards... does everyone do them as part iof each room or as a discrete job (ie I'm going to do all my skirting boards today) because they are the thinsg I just can't get under control in a way I feel happy with.

  3. Thanks Nat!
    I'm hoping to get more adventurous and create more printables as the need arises

    Ohh Thanks for posting that one Laura - that has some great ideas on it too!!

    In terms of windows, walls and skirtings - I do them as a discrete job - probably not as often as I should but more in a 'spring' cleaning sort of effort. Windows in each room get done when I'm in the mood and just can't stand looking at how filthy they are!! I do vacuum the window sills and runners ALL the time because we have so many dead flies and bugs where we are!


  4. I need something like this. My time management skills leave MUCH to be desired. I'm the world's worst procrastinator.

    (Note to self. Stop discovering new gorgeous blogs every day. Get off Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter).

    First visit to your lovely blog. You visited my FB page this morning.

  5. I am really lucky we have a cleaner come once a week and I only need to keep on top of a few things she doesn't do. But in working full-time, it's my investment in having a little more time with my family. I love the idea of the printable for your kitchen station.